Hen’s eggs

I bought this unusual egg holder when we visited the National Trust property at Cotehele last year. There is a potter who has a studio in an old building near the mill. One of the things he likes to make are pots like this. Of course I started talking to him and explained about our little Cornish farm. He said as a child he remembered visiting a farm and a vivid memory was a mother hen all fluffed up keeping warm a nest of newly hatched chicks. Hence this sort of pot he started to make many years later. I know from what our guests say that even very young children have strong memories of their holiday with us. I wonder if in later life these memories, as with this potter, will help to shape things that they actual do as an adult. Melanie xxx

Image of a pottery hen basket
Pottery hen basket made at Cotehele


  1. Hi
    Do you know the name of the potter who made this egg holder, I saw one similar when I visited last year and as I am not far from Cotehele I thought I could come back to purchase later in the year. However events have changed that and unable to contact through Cotehele House.
    Many thanks

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