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Holiday Cottages with hot tubs

Unwind and relax in one of our cottages with a private hot tub

  • Some of our cottages now have their own private hot tub...
  • ...somewhere to relax and unwind...
  • ...with gentle bubbles...
  • ...or a more powerful blast.
  • Sit back and relax in a hot tub...
  • ...and enjoy the sun setting...
  • ...ready for another day.

Cottages with Hot Tubs

We have installed hot tubs in three of our holiday cottages at Trevorrick: Lily Pad cottage, Badgers Way cottage and the Old Round House which are now available for an additional payment of £100 per week. They are heated to 39°C and are only suitable for older children over 12 and adults. They cannot be used by children under 5.


Our hot tubs need to be booked in advance.

We empty, clean, refill and prepare your hot tub freshly for you. We assure you will not be sharing the hot tub water with the previous guests! Because of this, the hot tub will usually only be available from the day after arrival to the day before departure. So if you are scheduled to arrive on a Friday, it will be available for you to use (and at temperature) from the Saturday morning to Thursday evening.

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