Beach clean – Mawgan Porth

Beach clean, Mawgan Porth, Final straw
Melanie on a beach clean at Mawgan Porth

My personal Beach Guardian beach clean at Mawgan Porth beach on Saturday. I tried to pick up lots of the small bits of plastic. Cotton bud sticks and kids lollipop sticks were probably the most common recognisable items. When I was a child I remember eating the lolly then unrolling the paper stick for extra fun. Hopefully that will happen once again, why did lolly (and cotton bud sticks) ever need to be plastic?Mike concentrated on picking up rope and that is his “artistic” photo. #siggstories, the stainless steel bottle manufacturer who are supporting #beachguardian. Melanie xxx

Final straw, beach clean, Mawgan Porth
Knotted rope beach clean

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